Interaction of prolyl oligopeptidase (PREP) and tau - PREP as a drug target for treating tauopathies

[Speaker] Maria H Jaentti:1
[Co-author] Patrycja Pabis:1, Marta Chavero:1, Timo Myohanen:1
1:Division of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, University of Helsinki, Finland

A novel flavonoid-based inhibitor of protein SUMOylation, 2-D08 has a dual anti-aggregatory and protective role against amyloid β fibril formation and neurotoxicity

[Speaker] Dylan T Marsh:1
[Co-author] Masaya Fujitani:2, Ryuji Kato:2, Scott D Smid:1
1:Department of Pharmacology, The University of Adelaide, Australia, 2:Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya University, Japan

Absence of tissue transglutaminase delays amyloid-beta deposition in Alzheimer's disease

[Speaker] Micha M. M. Wilhelmus:1
[Co-author] A B Smit:2, Maarten Loos:3, Benjamin Drukarch:1
1:Anatomy and Neurosciences, VU University Medical Center, the Netherlands, 2:Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 3:Sylics (Synaptologics BV), Amsterdam, the Netherlands

α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-specific stimulation ameliorates cognitive impairment in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease via suppression of neuronal γ-secretase activity and promotion of microglial amyloid-β phagocytosis

[Speaker] Kazuyuki Takata:1
[Co-author] Shohei Kawanishi:1, Eriko Kuroda:1, Shigehiko Takegami:2, Tatsuya Kitade:2, Yuki Toda:1, Yoshihisa Kitamura:3, Shun Shimohama:4, Eishi Ashihara:1
1:Department of Clinical and Translational Physiology, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan, 2:Department of Analytical Chemistry, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan, 3:Laboratory of Pharmacology and Neurobiology, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Japan, 4:Department of Neurology, Sapporo Medical University, School of Medicine, Japan

Improved memory cognition and retention by Ghrelin in intra-cerebroventricular streptozotocin model in rat

[Speaker] Ishumeet Kaur Bajwa:1
[Co-author] Violina Kakoty:1, Rohit Goyal:1
1:School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shoolini University, India

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