Antihyperglycemic Activity of the Leaves from Annona diversifolia Safford and Farnesol on Alloxan-Induced Type 2 Diabetic Mice

[Speaker] Miguel A. Valdes Guevara:1,2
[Co-author] Fernando Calzada Bermejo:2, Jessica E Mendieta Wejebe:1, Rigoberto Perez Perez:2, Mario Gonzalez Meraz:2, Leovigildo Quijano:3, Celia Bustos Brito:3
1:Escuela Superior de Medicina, IPN, Mexico, 2:Unidad de Investigacion Medica en Faramacologia, CMN SXXI, IMSS, Mexico, 3:Instituto de Quimica, UNAM, Mexico

Apigenin ameliorates streptozotocin induced diabetic nephropathy in rats

[Speaker] Dharamvir S. Arya:1
[Co-author] Salma Malik:1, Jagriti Bhatia:1
1:Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India

Hyperinsulinemia promotes heterologous desensitization of beta2 adrenergic receptor in airway smooth muscle in type 2 diabetes

[Speaker] Qin Fu:1
[Co-author] Rui Xu:1
1:Department of Pharmacology, School of Basic Medicine, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

Salsolinol, a constituent from herbal plant, accelerated wound healing in diabetic rats

[Speaker] Yi-Feng Yang:1
[Co-author] Yao-Jen Liang:1, Chi-Huan Yeh:2, Chao-Min Hsu:2, Shoei-Sheng Lee:3, Ming-Jai Su:4
1:Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Engineering, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, 2:ZIH YUAN TANG Biotechnology Co., Ltd, Taiwan, 3:School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 4:Institute of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Rapamycin promotes the survival and angiogenesis of high glucose-exposed human umbilical vein endothelial cells by improving autophagy

[Speaker] Alireza Garjani:1
[Co-author] Aysa Rezabakhsh:1, Reza Rahbarghazi:2
1:Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran, 2:Stem Cell Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran

Anti-diabetic and anti-obesity effects of the allosteric PTP1B inhibitor KY-226 via insulin and leptin signal enhancement

[Speaker] Yuma Ito:1,2
[Co-author] Masaki Fukui:1, Tatsuya Kitao:1, Mamoru Kanda:1, Eiichi Hinoi:2, Hiroaki Shirahase:1
1:R&D Division, Kyoto Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., Japan, 2:Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kanazawa University Graduate School, Japan


[Speaker] Tapan Behl:1
[Co-author] Thirumurthy Velpandian:3, Anita Kotwani:2
1:Department of Pharmacology, Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Punjab, India, 2:Department of Pharmacology, Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi, India, 3:Department of Ocular Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, India

Apple and banana displayed better inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase IV activity than vildagliptin

[Speaker] Idowu M Kazeem:1
[Co-author] Naomi O Awenegieme:1
1:Department of Biochemistry, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria

FOXO1 inhibition potentiates endothelial angiogenic functions in diabetes via suppression of mitochondrial fission

[Speaker] Lu Tie:1
[Co-author] Yundi Shi:1, Di Wang:1, Xuejun Li:1
1:Department of Pharmacology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Peking University, China

Gender difference of vascular functional changes in diabetic condition

[Speaker] Yasuhiro Takenouchi:1,2
[Co-author] Kazuhito Tsuboi:1, Kazuo Ohtake:2, Keizo Kasono:2, Yasuo Okamoto:1
1:Pharmacology, Kawasaki Medical School, Japan, 2:Physiology, Josai University, Japan

Antidiabetic activities of cucurbitane triterpenoids from the fruits of Momordica charantia in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice

[Speaker] Joo-Hui Han:1
[Co-author] Kyung-Sun Heo:1, Minkyun Na:2, Chang-Seon Myung:1
1:Department of Pharmacology, Chungnam National University College of Pharmacy, Korea, 2:Department of Pharmacognosy, Chungnam National University College of Pharmacy, Korea


[Speaker] Olapeju I. Bolanle:1
[Co-author] Eric K. I. Omogbai:1, Enitome E. Bafor:1
1:Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Benin, Nigeria

Effects of Co-Administration of Metformin and Vitamin C or E on the Blood Glucose Levels and Lipid Profiles of Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

[Speaker] Adaeze P Uchendu:1
[Co-author] Eric K. I. Omogbai:1, Ighodaro Igbe:1, Chidi Obodozie:1
1:Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Enhanced expression of advanced glycosylation end products in skin of diabetic mice and the influence on collagen fibers

[Speaker] Shengju Yang:1
[Co-author] Guoliang Meng:2, Jianli Wang:1
1:Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, China, 2:Nantong University, China

The different reasons in the first medical examination related to the severity and the subsequent treatment of type 2 diabetes

[Speaker] Hideyuki Motohashi:1,2
[Co-author] Naoka Wada:1, Haruka Ota:1, Yoshitaka Yano:1, Makoto Miura:2
1:Education and Research Center for Clinical Pharmacy, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Japan, 2:Department of Pharmacy, Rakuwakai Otowa Hospital, Japan

Aminoguanigine improves increasing Blood glucose levels in ovx mice

[Speaker] Satoru Mitazaki:1
[Co-author] Mina Iide:1, Shigeyoshi Honma:2, Miwako Suto:3, Naho Kato:3, Naohito Kuroda:3, Kouichi Hiraiwa:4, Makoto Yoshida:2, Sumiko Abe:1
1:Lab. of Forensic Toxicol., Fac. Pharmacy, Takasaki Univ. Health and Welfare, Japan, 2:Dept. pathophysiol., Fac. Pharmacy, Takasaki Univ. Health and Welfare, Japan, 3:Dept. Legal Med., Fukushima Med. Univ., Japan, 4:Clinical Lab., Jusendou General Hospital, Japan

Role of ketohexokinase in the endothelium-dependent relaxation of thoracic aorta from diabetic model mouse

[Speaker] Mayumi Mori-Kawabe:1
[Co-author] Tomohito Doke:2, Takahiro Hayasaki:2, Takuji Ishimoto:2, Akiyoshi Hirayama:3, Tomoyoshi Soga:3
1:Department of Pharmacology, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Japan, 2:Department of Nephrology, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan, 3:Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University, Japan

Insulin analogues glargine 300 U/mL and 100 U/mL: The same active principle for two different drugs

[Speaker] Jacopo Angelini:1
[Co-author] Marco Morina:1, Francesco Scaglione:1, Marco A. Scatigna:1
1:University of Milan, Postgraduate School of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Italy

Glucose consumption assay discovered a novel compound from natural product with beneficial effects on diabetic mice via AMPK activation

[Speaker] Xiuying Yang:1
[Co-author] Li-Li Shi:1, Wei-Hua Jia:1, Li Zhang:1, Chun-Yang Xu:1, Xi Chen:1, Lin Yin:1, Lian-Hua Fang:1, Gui-Fen Qiang:1, Guan-Hua Du:1
1:State Key Laboratory of Bioactive Substance and Function of Natural Medicines and Beijing Key Laboratory of Drug Target and Screening Research, Institute of Materia Medica of Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China

Inhibition of histone deacetylase 11 attenuates development of type I diabetes through reduction of oxidant stress

[Speaker] Inkyeom Kim:1
[Co-author] Hae-Ahm Lee:1
1:Pharmacology, Kyungpook National University School of Medicine, Korea

The Landscape of Histone Modifications in a High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese (DIO) Mouse Model

[Speaker] Minjia Tan:1
[Co-author] Litong Nie:1, Lin Shuai:1, Mingrui Zhu:1, Ping Liu:1
1:Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Analysis of Glycemic status in Diabetes naïve patients on Statins- a Hospital based Cross Sectional study

[Speaker] Sereen Rose Thomson:1
[Co-author] Bharti Chogtu Magazine:1, Ranjan Shetty:2, Tom Devasia:3
1:Department of Pharmacology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Karnataka, India, 2:Consultant Cardiologist, Department of Cardiology, Manipa hospital, Bangalore, India, 3:Department of Cardiology, Kasturba medical college, Manipal, Karnataka, India

Intranasal Delivery of Insulin Effectively Modulates Hepatic Glucose Production in Dexamethasone-induced Insulin Resistance

[Speaker] Anoka A Njan:1
[Co-author] Chloe Fatigun:1, A Alli-Oluwafuyi:1, Olufunke Olorundare:1
1:Dept. of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Imaging analysis of intracellular pathway components during glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cells

[Speaker] Isamu Taiko:1
[Co-author] Kazunori Kanermaru:1,2, Masamitsu Iino:1
1:School of Medicine, Nihon university, Japan, 2:School of Medicine, University of Tokyo, Japan

Metabolic effects of mirabegron in mice: implications for use in diabetes

[Speaker] Dana S Hutchinson:1
[Co-author] Nodi Dehvari:2, Masaaki Sato:1, Jie Gao:1, Lynda Whiting:1, Saori Mukaida:1, Jon Merlin:1, Roger J Summers:1, Bronwyn A Evans:1, Tore Bengtsson:2
1:Drug Discovery Biology, Monash University, Australia, 2:Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Institute, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

A novel mitoNEET ligand, TT01001, improves diabetes and ameliorates mitochodnrial function in db/db mice

[Speaker] Takehiro Takahashi:1
[Co-author] Masashi Yamamoto:1, Kazutoshi Amikura:1, Kozue Kato:1, Takashi Serizawa:1, Kanako Serizawa:1, Daisuke Akazawa:1, Takumi Aoki:1, Koji Kawai:1, Mie Kainoh:1
1:Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories, Toray Industries, Inc., Japan

Diurnal variation in nifedipine PK supports concurrent coadministration with glimepiride in diabetic rats

[Speaker] Temidayo O Olurishe:1
[Co-author] Michael Oraebosi:1, Lydia Ayanwuyi:1
1:Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria

Effect of SGLT2 inhibitors on glucagon secretion in pancreatic alpha cells

[Speaker] Suguru Nakayama:1
[Co-author] Licht Miyamoto:1, Koichiro Tsuchiya:1
1:Department of Medical Pharmacology, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Tokushima University Graduate School, Japan

Thymus praecox subsp. skorpilii var. skorpilii extract attenuates degeneration of beta-cells and reduced insulin levels in type 2 diabetic rats

[Speaker] Ayse Nur Hazar-Yavuz:1
[Co-author] Muhammet Emin Cam:1, Sila Yildiz:1, Turgut Taskin:2, Saadet Alan:3, Levent Kabasakal:1
1:Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Marmara University, Turkey, 2:Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Marmara University, Turkey, 3:Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Inonu University, Turkey

Antidiabetic effect of aqueous extract of flowering tops of Trifolium pratense L

[Speaker] Manisha J Oza:1
[Co-author] Yogesh A. Kulkarni:1
1:SVKM's NMIMS, India

Efficacy of dapagliflozin on postprandial plasma glucose in adults with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis of data from randomized placebo-controlled trials

[Speaker] Daiki Watanabe:1
[Co-author] Masanori Ootaki:1, Yuki Ohta:1, Yuko Takeba:1, Noriko Makita:2, Taroh Iiri:1,2, Naoki Matsumoto:1
1:Department of Pharmacology, St. Marianna University School of Medicine, Japan, 2:Department of Endocrinology and Nephrology, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Oral administration of boschnaloside, a GLP-1 receptor activator from herbal medicine Boschniakia rossica (the northern groundcone), improved diabetic conditions and modulated incretin hormone levels in db/db mice

[Speaker] Hui-Kang Liu:1,2
[Co-author] Keng-Chang Tsai:1, Lie-Chwen Lin:1
1:National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan, 2:Ph. D. Program in Clinical Drug Development of Chinese Herbal Medicine, College of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

Beneficial effects of formononetin in type 2 diabetic rats

[Speaker] Manisha J. Oza:1,2
[Co-author] Yogesh A. Kulkarni:1
1:Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy & Technology Mangement, SVKM's NMIMS, India, 2:SVKM's Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy, Mumbai, India

Development of a Novel Zebrafish Model for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

[Speaker] Liqing Zang:1
[Co-author] Yasuhito Shimada:2,3, Norihiro Nishimura:1
1:Graduate School of Regional Innovation Studies, Mie University, Japan, 2:Department of Integrative Pharmacology, Mie University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan, 3:Department of Bioinformatics, Mie University Life Science Research Center, Japan

Normalization of Insulin resistance, Glucose intolerance and Lipid profile by Swietenia mahagoni leaf extract in fructose induced diabetic rats

[Speaker] Naveen Y Puttaswamy:1
[Co-author] Asna Urooj:2
1:Department of Biochemistry, Pooja Bhagavath Mahajana PG center, Metagalli, Mysore, Karnataka, India-570016, India, 2:Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Mysore, Mysore-570006, India

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