Mechanical stress regulates cardiac direct reprogramming

[Speaker] Shota Kurotsu:1,2
[Co-author] Takeshi Suzuki:1, Masaki Ieda:2
1:Division of Basic Biological Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Keio University, Japan, 2:Department of Cardiology, Keio University School of Medicine, Japan

Analysis of therapeutic utility of a multi-ion channel inhibitor acehytisine for paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia in anesthetized guinea pigs

[Speaker] Xin Cao:1
[Co-author] Yoshinobu Nagasawa:1, Megumi Aimoto:1, Akira Takahara:1
1:Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toho University, Japan

Stress-Activated Kinase MKK7 Governs Epigenetics of Cardiac Repolarization for Arrhythmia Prevention

[Speaker] Xin Wang:1
1:Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester, UK

Sonic hedgehog signaling regulates the mammalian cardiac regenerative response

[Speaker] Hiroyuki Kawagishi:1
[Co-author] Jianhua Xiong:2, Toren Finkel:3
1:Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Shinshu University School of Medicine, Japan, 2:Center for Molecular Medicine, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute/NIH, USA, 3:Aging Institute of UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh, USA

CAP2 loss activated MRTF/SRF signaling through actin dynamics in cardiomyocytes

[Speaker] Yao Xiong:1
[Co-author] Georgina K Cox:1, Kenneth Bedi:2, Kenneth B Margulies:2, Simon Berritt:3, Jeffrey M Field:1
1:Department of Systems Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics, University of Pennsylvania, USA, 2:Cardiovascular Institute, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA, 3:Department of Chemistry, Merck High throughput Experimentation Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania, USA

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