Effects of Adipokinetic hormone/Red pigment-concentrating hormone (AKH/RPCH) family of peptides for uterus contraction

[Speaker] Guner Ulak:1
[Co-author] Oguz Mutlu:1, Pelin Tanyeri:2, Nermin Akdemir:2, Mehmet Emin Buyukokuroglu:2, Firuzan Akar:1, Faruk Erden:1
1:Pharmacology, Kocaeli University, Turkey, 2:Pharmacology, Sakarya University, Turkey

Background: A great variety of processes including metabolic, behavioral, developmental or reproductive in insects are known to be influenced or regulated by neuropeptides. One of the major neuropeptide group is the adipokinetic and hypertrehalosaemic peptide which belong to the adipokinetic hormone/red pigment-concentrating hormone (AKH/RPCH) family of peptides. The present study aimed to investigate the effects of Anax imperator AKH (Ani-AKH), Libellula auripennis AKH (Lia-AKH), Phormia-Terra hypertrehalosemic hormone (Pht-HrTH) and oxytocin on uterus contractility.
Methods: Human uterus strips were immersed in organ bath containing uterus solution (6.78 g NaCl; 0.4 g KCl; 0.28 g CaCl2; 0.23 g NaH2PO4; 1.86 g NaHCO3; 2 g glucose in 1 l distilled water) equilibrated with %95 O2 / %5 CO2 at 37 C during the study. Tissues were connected to an isometric force transducer for the measurement of isometric force, which was continuously recorded on a computer via a four-channel transducer data acquisition system using software that also had the capacity to analyze the data. In vitro contractile responses of human uterus strips to Ani-AKH, Lia-AKH, Pht-HrTH and oxytocin were calculated as percentage of the maximal contraction caused by KCl (80 mM). A non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis post hoc Dunns test was performed to evaluate the significance of differences among the groups.
Resuts: There was no significant difference between the contractions of Ani-AKH, Lia-AKH, Pht-HrTH compared to oxytocin at 10^8 doses of drugs in uterus strips. Lia-AKH (10^7, 10^4 M) significantly increased uterus contractions compared to oxytocin (10^7,10^4 M) in uterus strips. Both Ani-AKH (10^4 M) and Lia-AKH (10^4 M) significantly increased uterus contractions compared to oxytocin (10^4M) in human uterus strips.
Conclusions: These results of this study revealed that the AKHs investigated, could affect human uterus contractility.

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