Meta-analysis of wuziyanzong and levocarnitine for male infertility

[Speaker] Jinlong Xu:1
[Co-author] Ming Zhang:1, Yuanna Chen:1, Jingling Wang:1, Yanhua Yu:1, Lu Yu:1
1:Ningbo Yinzhou Second Hospital, China

Objective:To systematically evaluate the efficacy of wuziyanzong and levocarnitine in the treatment of male infertility. Methods: Based on the principles and methods of Cochrane systematic reviews, we searched PubMed,Embase,The Cochrane Library,EBSCO,CNKI,VIP,CBM and Wanfang databases from inception to July 2017 for randomized controlled clinical trials addressing the treatment of male infertility with wuziyanzong and levocarnitine. According to the inclusion and exclusion criteria and retrieval strategies, we extracted the data,evaluated the quality of the included literature,and conducted meta-analysis using the RevMan 5.3 software. Results: Five trials involving 441 patients were included. The results of meta-analysis showed that effectiveness rate(P=0.0004), ∆sperm density(P<0.00001),∆sperm motility(P=0.005),∆grade a sperm rate (P=0.002)and ∆grade a+b sperm rate(P=0.003)of wuziyanzong and levocarnitine are better than levocarnitine, but ∆semen volume(P=0.85)was not inferior to levocarnitine. Conclusion: According to this evaluation system, wuziyanzong and levocarnitine in the treatment of male infertility is effective, but because of some limitations, it still needs large-scale randomized controlled clinical trial design to verify.
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