Wudang Cherry ameliorates urate underexcretion and renal dysfunction in hyperuricemic mice

[Speaker] Fei Li:1
[Co-author] Jie Zhou:1, Yang Bao:1
1:Hubei University of Medicine, China

OBJECTIVE To investigate effects of Wudang Cherry on urate excretion and renal function and examined whether renal organic ion transporters were involved in potassium oxonate-induced hyperuricemic mice. METHODS The model of hyperuricemic mice was induced by intraperitoneal injection of potassium oxonate (250 mg/kg) for 7 days. Water extracts of Wudang Cherry at 500 mg/kg were orally administered to hyperuricemic mice for 7 days, benzbromarone (20 mg/kg) and allopurinol (20 mg/kg) were given as positive controls, vehicle control group was given equal normal saline. Serum and urine levels of uric acid were measured in hyperuricemic and normal mice. Simultaneously, the mRNA and protein levels of mouse urate transporter 1 (mURAT1), glucose transporter 9 (mGLUT9), organic anion transporters (mOAT1 and mOAT3), ATP-binding cassette, subfamily G, membrane 2 (mABCG2) and organic cation/carnitine transporters (mOCT1, mOCT2, mOCTN1 and mOCTN2) in the kidney were analyzed by Western blot, RT-PCR, immunohistochemical and immunofluorescent assay, respectively. RESULTS Wudang Cherry significantly reduced serum uric acid levels and increased urine uric acid levels in hyperuricemic mice. And it effectively reversed potassium oxonate-induced alterations in renal mURAT1, mGLUT9, mOAT1, mOAT3 and mABCG2 mRNA and protein levels, resulting in the enhancement of renal urate excretion in mice. Moreover, Wudang Cherry increased renal mOCT1, mOCT2, mOCTN1 and mOCTN2 mRNA and protein levels, and improved renal impairment in this model. CONCLUSIONS Wudang Cherry processes uricosuric and nephroprotective actions by regulating renal organic ion transporters in hyperuricemic mice.
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