Protective mechanism of mediated hippocampal neural plasticity by CREB-BD F-TrkB pathway and the intervention effect of Danggui Buxue Decoction

[Speaker] Mei Xue:1
[Co-author] Xi Huang:1
1:Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, China

Diabetic patients with depression(DD) is high incidence rate and serious threat to quality of life. Explore the pathogenesis of DD and look for effective therapy are difficult problem to be solved in clinical. In the basis of prophase research work, we put forward that Yiqiyangxue prescription Dang-gui-Buxue Decoction (DBD)could effective regulation of diabetes with depression. But, it's mechanism is unclear. We believe that the mechanism is the regulation of neurons, synaptic morphology and the level of synaptic proteins by the CREB-BDNF-TrkB pathway, and then protect the hippocampal neuronal plasticity damage.We intend to through animal model in vivo confirmed CREB-BDNF-TrkB is coupling pathway of DD and effect of DBD associated with the pathway. Further, we cultured hippocampal neuronal cells in vitro , combined glucose and CORT to establish DD cell model, using cell biology and molecular biology technology, to explore the effect of DBD on the changes of neurons, synaptic structure and the level of synaptic protein regulatory factors and relationship of the expression of BDNF pathway.This study will provide an objective molecular biological basis for clinical application of DBD in the treatment of DD.

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