On Futurology of Pharmaco-Toxicology in Context of Philosophy

[Speaker] Eva Neu:1
[Co-author] Michael Ch. Michailov:1, Daniele Martin:1, Peter Birkenbihl:1, Tatjana Senn:1, Ursula Welscher:1, Christoph Luetge:1,2, Michael Schratz:1,3, Germain Weber:1,4, Dieter G. Weiss:1,5
1:Inst. Umweltmedizin c/o ICSD/IAS e. V. POB 340316, 80100 Muenchen (Int. Council Sci. Develop./Int. Acad. Sci. Berlin-Innsbruck-Muenchen-NewDelhi-Paris-Sofia-Vienna), Germany, 2:Inst. Ethics (Dir.), Techn. Univ. Muenchen, Germany, 3:School Educ. (Dean), Univ. Innsbruck, Austria, 4:Fac. Psychol. (Dean), Univ. Lxbg&Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 5:Inst. Cell Physiol., Univ. Rostock, Germany

INTRODUCTION: Alfred NOBEL destined 1895 prices for physics, chemistry, domain of physiology or medicine. Physiology is mother of many life sciences (M. VISSCHER/USA: Plenary lecture IUPS New Delhi, Proc. X-13, 1974). Pharmacology considers influence of drugs on pathophysiological reactions (related also to morphological & genetic factors). In 2009 was 50 years of foundation of IUPHAR (1959-2009), independently from IUPS. Pharmacology & toxicology have a central position in experimental & clinical medicine: Future needs new ideas supporting higher efficacy of education & research on this fundamental science.
CONCEPTION: During International Congress for Physiology (IUPS-2017 Rio de Janeiro) is given report about: On philosophical physiology (PHP), which could be applied in pharmacology & toxicology, considering philosophical fundamentals.
A. EPISTEMOLOGY. Practical example for an integrative pharmaco-toxicology is given in this congress: Michailov, Neu et al. (IUPHAR-2018) and long-term systematic reports to all congresses before (from 2014-Cape-Town upto 1975-Helsinki) conc. influence of drugs/toxicants on cardio-vascular and urogenital systems, also in radio-oncology.
B. MORAL PHILOSOPHY. Independently from various modern ethical theories (deontology, etc.) has to be considered Kants human obligations to himself (pharmacologist-toxicologist&personnel), other humans (patients using drugs or are influenced by xenobiotics), sub-human, e.g. reduction of animal experiments, suprahuman beings: adjuvant psychotherapy to pharmaco-therapy, practices from Brahmanism-Yoga, Buddhism-Zen, etc.
C. AESTHETICS. In relation to A.-B. is necessary to destine limits & volume of pharmacotherapy and radiochemotherapy (primum non nocere), also adjuvant treatment, e.g. by music therapy, meditation, etc.
CONCLUSION: Establishment of regular common congress-sessions of IUPHAR-IUTOX-continental-national societies in context of A.-C. with philosophical (FISP-ISB-EACME, etc.), psychological (IUPsyS, etc.), biological (ISB, etc.), medical societies (ISIM-ICC-FIGO-SIU) could open new scientific & political dimension in pharmaco-toxicology, leading to humanization, higher efficacy of medicine supporting UNO-Agenda21 for better health, education, ecology, economy on global level.
Dedication see-Michailov-Neu-et-al.
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