On an Integrative Psychopharmacotherapy

[Speaker] Michael Ch. Michailov:1
[Co-author] Eva Neu:1, Daniele Martin:1, Peter Birkenbihl:1, Tatjana Senn:1, Ursula Welscher:1, Christoph Luetge:1,2, Michael Schratz:1,3, Germain Weber:1,4, Dieter Weiss:1,5
1:Inst. Umweltmedizin c/o ICSD/IAS e. V. POB 340316, 80100 Muenchen (Int. Council Sci. Develop./Int. Acad. Sci. Berlin-Innsbruck-Muenchen-NewDelhi-Paris-Sofia-Vienna), Germany, 2:Inst. Ethics (Dir.), Techn. Univ. Muenchen, Germany, 3:School Educ. (Dean), Univ. Innsbruck, Austria, 4:Fac. Psychol. (Dean), Univ. Lxbg&Vienna, Vienna, Austria, 5:Inst. Cell Physiol., Univ. Rostock, Germany

INTRODUCTION: Pharmacology is interdisciplinary science and of fundamental importance for enormous problems of humanity. Creation of an integrative psychopharmacotherapy in context of a multidimensional&holistic medicine, founded by HIPPOCRATES-GALENUS-HUA T'UA-PARACELSUS is necessary to counteract disastrous human situation.
CONCEPTION: Theoretical approaches about discussion for an integrative psychiatry. During Opening-Ceremony of 18thWorld-Congress Psychosomatic-Medicine (ICPM 2005 Kobe) were present their majesties Emperor&Empress of Japan, Prime&Ministers for Science-Education-others&prominent scientists. Emperor AKIHITO honored congress by strategical ideas, available also for all anthropological-health sciences: total symptoms of mind&body, seeking ways of holistic care - it is extremely important for patients - my hope contributes
 - the progress of medical science and people's happiness in the entire world.
Yujiro IKEMI/Ex-President of ICPM opened new dimension not only in psychosomatics&psychiatry, but also in general-medicine&psychology by integration of oriental somatopsychic theory&self-regulation practices (Yoga/Qigong/Zen-meditation/etc.) with occidental psychosomatics (Th.von UEXKUELL).
Pharmacology cannot give solutions for health problems, but this central interdisciplinary medical science is necessary to give medical help by pharmacotherapy together with somatopsychic & psychosomatic therapy.
The role of modern pharmacology is ambivalent: Scientific advances constitute the basis of pharmacological development, but misuse of discoveries and economic factors lead to disastrous repercussions typified by dependency on drugs, etc. Paradigm change in scientific congress-praxis could counteract this situation. It has to be discussed:
1. Organization of interdisciplinary satellite-conferences to IUPHAR-IUTOX,etc. considering philosophical-psychological-biological-economic problems related to pharmacotherapy.
2. New models for integrative psychopharmacotherapy, e.g. interaction of factors to psychoneuroimmunomodulation and pharmacological immunosuppression.
3. Foundation of an International Academy for Pharmaco-Toxicology, e.g. in Kyoto-Tokyo, similar to Eur.Acad.Neurology/EAN, founded 2015 in Berlin, but with continental branches.
CONCLUSION. Albert Szent-Gyoergyi/Nobelprice for Vitamin C in biocatalysis: There is but one safe way to avoid mistakes: To do nothing, or at least to avoid something new: This, however, in itself may be the greatest mistake of all (in Bioenergetics: Foreword 1957).
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