Restoration of neuronal cognition and memory by Sirtuins in 3 nitro propanoic acid induced neurodegeneration in rat

[Speaker] Navita:1
[Co-author] Anchal Chandel:1, Rohit Goyal:1
1:School Of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shoolini University, Solan (H. P.) india, India

Background: Neurodegeneration is the term used for progressive loss in function and structure of neuron, including neuronal death in various disorders like Huntington disease, Parkinson diseases and Alzheimer diseases. Sirtuin plays an important role in the production of ATP and may act as a neuroprotector. SIRT4 binds to adenine nucleotide translocator which transports ATP into the cytosol and ADP into the mitochondrial matrix, thereby providing a substrate for ATP synthase. The present study has been designed to investigate the neuroprotective effect of sirtuin via modulation of (GSK 3beta) in 3 NP induced neurodegeneration model in rats.
Methods: Wistar albino rats (180 to 220 g) of either sex, were clustered in 5 different group: normal control, 3 NP (10 mg/kg, ip), 3 NP & LiCl (10 mg/kg, ip), 3 NP & resveratrol (10 mg/kg, ip), 3 NP & haloperidol (1 mg/kg, ip) & resveratrol (10 mg/kg, ip). 3 nitro propanoic acid was administered in 1st day to 14th day of the protocol and resveratrol, lithium chloride and haloperidol was administered to the animals treated with 3 NP for consecutive 14 days. Impairment in cognition, memory and retention were assessed by using balance beam test, morris water maze, and open field test. The biochemical estimation was also done in tissue of brain such as for oxidative stresses i.e. lipid peroxidation and glutathione and acetyl cholinesterase.
Results: 3 NP treated animal exhibit memory deficit in morris water maze, balance beam test. Administration of resveratrol and lithium chloride produced restoration of memory dysfunction. And combination of haloperidol & resveratrol also has some protective effect as compare to 3 NP treated group. The tissue biochemical estimation revealed a significant decrease in TBARS level and restoration of antioxidant defense system glutathione in brain.
Conclusion: The findings of the present study revealed that activation of Sirtuin plays a pivotal role in restoration of memory dysfunction in 3 NP treated animals.

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