[Speaker] Dinko Vitezic:1,2
[Co-author] Marta Kucan:2, Miomira Vitezic:1,3, Jasenka Mrsic Pelcic:1
1:University of Rijeka Medical School, Croatia, 2:University Hospital Centre Rijeka, Croatia, 3:Orthopedic Hospital Lovran, Croatia

BACKGROUND: Adequate usage of cardiovascular drugs which includes beta blockers (ATC, C07) has significantly contributed to better outcomes of cardiovascular diseases i.e. reduction of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. The aim of our study was to identify and analyse changes in the usage of beta blockers in Croatia from 2000-2016 and to identify the changes in prescription patterns as well as the average price for 1 DDD.
METHODS: The data concerning consumption have been obtained from the International Medical Statistics database for Croatia and they are presented in defined daily doses per 1000 inhabitants per day (DDD/1000). Financial expenditure data are presented in Euros and the average cost per DDD was calculated for each drug in group.
RESULTS: The total usage of beta blocking drug group has raised from 17.54 DDD/1000 prescribed in 2000 to 41.68 DDD/1000 in 2016. The most prescribed beta blocker in 2000 was atenolol (14.86 DDD/1000), while the most prescribed beta blocker in 2016 was bisoprolol (16.51 DDD/1000) followed by nebivolol (12.57 DDD/1000). In 2016, atenolol usage dropped to 5.73 DDD/1000.
The average price per 1 DDD of beta blockers raised from 0.172 EUR/DDD to 0.359 EUR/DDD in 2006 and then started to drop to 0.180 EUR/DDD in 2016. Price of 1 DDD of atenolol was 0.135 EUR in 2000 and 0.100 EUR in 2016, while the price of bisoprolol was 0.219 EUR/DDD and of nebivolol was 0.130 EUR/DDD in 2016.
CONCLUSIONS: Increased beta blockers drug usage is comparable to worldwide trends, but drug prescribing patterns were changing during the investigated period. At the beginning of investigated period the most prescribed among beta blockers was atenolol, while in 2016 the most prescribed were more selective beta blockers like bisoprolol and nebivolol, as well as the combination of beta blockers with diuretics.

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