Study on Tumor inhibition of Dichloromethane Extract from Blumea balsamifera D. C. in Lewis Lung Cancer Mice

[Speaker] Huoqiang Huang:1
[Co-author] Huichang Jiang:1, Yachen Zhang:1, Jie Li:1
1:College of Pharmacy, Minzu University of China, China

Blumea baslamefera DC. is one of the widely used anti¯lung cancer herbs in Yi nationality in China. On the preliminary studies, the anti¯lung cancer effect of dichloromethane extract from Blumea balsamifera DC. on Lewis lung cancer mice was studied. Lewis lung canceer mice model was established in C57BL/6J mouse. Pathological changes in tumor tissues were observed by H.E. staining. The expressions of VEGF and TNFα were detected by using immunohistochemistry method. Results whowed that the dichloromethane extract from Blumea balsamifera DC. could significantly exhibited the grouth of Lewis lung cancer in mice, comparing to the model group (P<0.05 or P<0.01). The average optical densities of VEGF and TNFα were significantly increased in each treatment group versus model group (P<0.05).
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