The effect of Shitei-Extract, a traditional Chinese medicine formulation, against Chemotherapy induced hiccups

[Speaker] Ryuichiro Hosoya:1,2
[Co-author] Takeshi Kitajima:2, Yoichiro Eimura:1, Reiko Ishii-Nozawa:2, Yoshihiro Uesawa:2, Seiichi Hino:1, Hajime Kagaya:2
1:Department of Pharmacy, Japanese Red Cross Musashino Hospital, Japan, 2:Department of Clinical Pharmaceutics, Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Japan

Hiccups are common somatic side effects of medication. Although hiccups rarely influence disease prognosis, they can reduce tolerance to medication regimens and decrease quality of life. More recently, chemotherapy-induced hiccups (CIH) have been reported. We may use shitei extract (shitei: persimmon calyx) for a CIH. We will report about 4 cases who was given shitei extract and obtained effects for CIH.
Case 1: 69 years old Man. The patient was received chemotherapy (CDDP/TS-1) for lung cancer. Hiccups occurred from day 1 of the first course. The symptomatic treatment including medication was ineffective, and the administration of shitei extract was started. The hiccups disappeared on the next day of the beginning of dosage. He received number course of same chemotherapy, the hiccup was controlable by shitei extract.
Case 2: 62 years old Man. The patient was received chemotherapy (CDDP/PEM) for lung cancer. Hiccups occurred from day 1 of the first course. The Hiccups stopped by taking shitei extract and Shakuyakukanzo-to at an attack. After next courses of chemotherapy, the hiccups was controlable by only the shitei extract. In particular, the development of the hiccup decreased or did not occur by taking shitei extract prophylactically. In the others 2 case, the patients were took shitei extract for CIH, and a control was good. They took shitei extract prophylactically on the next couse of chemotherapy that hiccups has occurred.
The extract of Shite have been taken for a long time in Japan. By the study using the mouse, anticonvulsant action of Shitei was identified. And the effect of Shitei is involved in GABA(γ-aminobutyric acid)-based nerve. It these cases, shitei extract worked for a CIH. In particular, taking Shitei prophylactically was effective in suppression of CIH. Therefore, we thought shitei extract has not only the effect of suppress but also the effect to increase the threshold of hiccups. We conduct clinical studies of the shitei to test efficacy of the prophylaxis for CIH.

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