Akihiro Mouri


Jul 4, 2018

Combination in prenatal nicotine exposure with juvenile isolation rearing induces depressive behavior and change of tryptophan metabolism

Involvement of kynurenine 3-monooxygenase in the vulnerability to the PCP-induced behavioral abnormalities

Repeated social defeat induces social interaction deficits associated with the alteration of kynurenine pathway activity in the prefrontal cortex

The perinatal mice administered prostaglandin E2 develop psychobehavioral and neuronal impairments in adults

Exposure to valproic acid during pregnancy induces autism endophenotypes in the male offspring

The cerebellar α6 subunit-containing GABAA receptor: A novel therapeutic target for disrupted prepulse inhibition in neuropsychiatric disorders

Involvement of kynurenine pathway in behavioral impairments in the offspring induced by the prenatal poly I: C injection

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