Yuji Ikegaya


Jul 2, 2018

Spatial representation of hippocampal cells in response to aversive stimulus in a T-maze task

Brain histamine boosts reactivation of weak memory engrams and restores forgotten long-term memories in mice and humans

Hippocampal neuron firing is variable across laps in a linear track task

Live imaging of synapse engulfment by microglia in vitro

Jul 4, 2018

Effect of neonatal hyperthermia on brain function

Social defeat stress modifies behaviors via the elevation of body temperature

Variability of peripheral and central organ activity patterns of mice in an elevated plus maze

Light-guided running behavior induces direction selective spikes of hippocampal neurons

Jul 5, 2018

Spike properties of granule retrosplenial cortex L2/3 neurons

A simple method for simultaneous monitoring of respiratory and cardiac function in mice

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